We at Michigan Humane are saddened to hear that Baron, one of the most inspiring dogs in our organization’s history, has died. But in the spirit of the holidays, Baron’s story continues to inspire even upon his passing.

Many of our favorite holiday stories are about redemption and the positive impact that one life can have on many. It’s a Wonderful Life, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, and even the Grinch tell the story of a second chance and the amazing impact of that opportunity.

The story of Baron is exactly that kind of story.

On a bitterly cold day, a community member spotted Baron and was able to support him long enough for our animal rescue team to arrive. Baron came to Michigan Humane with severe injures to his face and body, his ears and a portion of his nose had been cut off in a terrible act of cruelty, and he was so thin his bones were visible from a distance. Our medical team, working in conjunction with Michigan State University, was able to partially reconstruct his nose and provide comprehensive medical care to regain his health.

After many weeks in care, and an outpouring of support and love from our community, Baron was ready to find a new and loving home. Through an extensive search, Baron met his new family and it was love at first sight. He even had the chance to reunite with his rescuer and spend time with all the folks who had made his new start possible.

Baron’s family kept us updated on how he was doing since his adoption, sending photos and notes that never failed to brighten our day. He was also the catalyst for Michigan Humane’s partnership with Crime Stoppers and helped us advocate for the safety of animals in our community.

When Michigan Humane is at its best, we are a place of solace, a place of healing, and a place where second chances are born. So allow me to take liberty with a quote from one of those holiday classics, It’s a Wonderful Life.

“No man, woman, or animal is a failure who has friends.”

So in Baron’s memory, let us all be that friend to those who need it most.

Photo credit: Michigan Humane

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