We are in the heat of summer, and although temperatures haven’t been extremely high, it is still important to remember to keep our pets safe during the summer months.

The biggest thing you can do for your pets is to check the forecast often. If you see it’s going to be sunny and warm, plan on keeping your pets inside with plenty of water. If your pets are outside, make sure they have a shaded area with plenty of water to help them keep them cool.

During the summer, we can see severe storms. If you see a storm is coming, keep your pets safe and bring them inside. A clap of thunder or anxiety from a storm can cause a pet to run away. Check to make sure that their id tag and microchip are up to date. This will help reunite them with you if they ever get lost. As we have seen this summer, storms can be unexpected and can cause a lot of unexpected damage. Being prepared and keeping a week’s worth of food and supplies for your pet along with emergency information can be helpful.

Bugs can be a pain for us, but they can also cause serious health problems for our pets. Talk to your vet to make sure that your pets are protected from fleas, ticks and heartworm.

We all enjoy spending time outside and visiting with friends and family, especially when the weather is nice. But planning to make sure that your pet is safe and protected will make the season more enjoyable for everyone.

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