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What to Do if You Find a Lost Pet

You may find a time when you come across a lost animal, especially near a busy road. While you may naturally feel the need to rescue a lost pet, the following tips will help keep both you and the animal safe.

Secure the animal safely and with care

If you happen to find a stray dog or cat, try to capture it if you’re able to. Make sure not to do anything reckless that would put you and/or the animal in danger. Many stray animals may be fearful of you due to stress or other factors. Treats are helpful to gain an animal’s trust and they may come to you. Use a calm and gentle voice and don’t make sudden movements. Use a leash if you have one for a dog, though a belt or a rope could work in emergency situations. Belts and ropes should not be used as a regular way to handle the animal during transport.

Place the dog in a fenced yard or garage if your home is not accessible. A cat should ideally be secured in a cat carrier, but a box with air holes will work.

Contact local animal shelters and animal control agencies

If the animal shows any signs of aggression or you can’t safely secure the animal, contact local authorities. Make sure to give them an accurate description of the animal and area of where it was last seen.

Check for an ID tag

If the stray animal is wearing a collar, look for an ID tag. Contact the owner if their phone number is listed and inform them that you have found their pet. Schedule a time and place to meet to reunite the pet with its owner.

Post the lost pet on local online forums and groups

Post the found pet in local neighborhood Facebook groups and websites like reddit and Craigslist. Share a photo of the animal and be as detailed as possible about where it was found. Make your Facebook post sharable so others can spread the word. You can also try the websites below:

Get the animal scanned for a microchip

If the animal you found doesn’t have an ID on their collar, it may still have a microchip that can be scanned at an animal shelter or veterinarian’s office. The microchip contains the owner’s information and should help with reuniting the two.

Transfer custody of the lost pet to local animal shelter or animal control

If the steps above don’t prove to be successful in locating the lost pet’s owner, your next best course of action is dropping off the animal at your local shelter or animal control department. Most organizations have a stray animal hold period, though duration may vary. Use the database below to find your nearest location.

City Where Animal Was Last SeenAgency NameAddressPhone
Addison Oakland Co. Animal Control 1200 N. Telegraph Rd. Bldg. 42E Pontiac, MI 48341 (248)-858-1070
Allen Park Downriver Central Animal Control Agency 14300 Reaume Parkway, Southgate MI 48195 (734) 246-1328
Armada Macomb Co. Animal Shelter 21417 Dunham Road, Charter Township of Clinton, MI 48036 (586) 469-5115
Armada Twp. Macomb Co. Animal Shelter 21417 Dunham Road, Charter Township of Clinton, MI 48036 (586) 469-5115
Belleville Belleville Police Department Police Dept: 6 Main Street, Belleville, MI 48111 (734) 699-2710
Beverly Hills Southfield Twp. Animal Control Program 18550 West 13 Mile Road, Beverly Hills, MI 48025 (248) 540-3420
Bingham Farms Southfield Twp. Animal Control program 18550 West 13 Mile Road, Beverly Hills, MI 48025 (248) 540-3420
Birmingham Gasow Veterinary Hospital 36877 Woodward Avenue, Birmingham, MI 48009 (248) 644-7171
Bloomfield Hills Bloomfield Hills Police Department 45 E Long Lake Rd, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 248-644-4200
Brownstown Twp. Brownstown Twp. Animal Shelter 23700 Lillian Street, Brownstown Twp, MI, 48183 (734) 675-4008
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