Field Services Team

Cruelty Investigations and Rescue Team

Angie Beaver, Field Services Manager
Investigator Beaver has extensive investigative experience in Criminal and Medicolegal settings. Angie joined Michigan Humane in March of 2021 and shares a long history of animal advocacy while working in Law Enforcement including rescue and volunteer foster work. In her spare time, Angie has volunteered with animal welfare organizations in several communities in Michigan and Arizona. Her background as a criminal investigator includes multiple areas of expertise in court case preparation and prosecution.

As the Field Services Manager, Angie is honored to have the opportunity to continue helping the citizens and their pets in the communities of Detroit.

Dave McLeod, Cruelty Investigator
Investigator McLeod has worked on behalf of the animals of Detroit at Michigan Humane since 2001. Dave began his career at our Detroit shelter, moving from rescue driver to field agent then full investigator. He is certified as an animal cruelty investigator by Code 3 Associates/ University of Missouri Columbia with additional training in dogfighting and has also completed disaster response training.

Born and raised in Detroit, Dave’s favorite part of the job is “helping the animals and people of our great city.”

Myron Golden, Cruelty Investigator
Myron joined Michigan Humane in 2009, beginning his career as a rescue agent and assisting the cruelty investigations team as needed. He was soon promoted to field agent and achieved the title of cruelty investigator in 2017. He has completed training with Code 3 Associates and NACA (National Animal Control Association) in partnership with Colorado State University and CSU Veterinary teaching hospital.

The most impactful part of Investigator Golden’s job is community outreach, “educating people on how they can provide a better quality of life for their pets. They can use the knowledge we give them to not only help their animals but to also educate their children and others in the community who will also continue to educate and that will have an impact for generations to come.”

Rafel Pouncy, Cruelty Investigator
Investigator Pouncy has been with Michigan Humane since 1998 serving in many roles. He has served in several roles within the organization from Kennel Attendant/Adoption Counselor (currently known as Customer Service Representative) to mail and supply courier to animal transport driver just to name a few. Most recently he was the Events Production Manager before joining the Field Services Department. Investigator Pouncy looks forward to serving on behalf of the community and the animals in our care.

Pam Dybowski, Cruelty Investigator
Pam began working with animals in 2001, at animal boarding and dog training facilities. In 2011, Pam joined Michigan Humane at the veterinary clinic.

In 2013, Pam moved to field services as a Rescue Agent. Pam attended the
Certified Investigator training courses through Code 3 Associates and through the University of Missouri. Pam also attended training through NACA (National Animal Care and Control) Animal Disaster Response Boot Camp. Pam, along with other members of her team, trained and became certified in State Wide Response Animal Search and Rescue. Pam has been deployed to several out if state Emergency Response for Animal Search and Rescue subsequent to natural disasters.

Pam can often be found in the field helping and educating the Detroit community with resources to assist in care for their pets. Pam also enjoys being an Investigator who can rescue and remove an animal out of harms way and finding Justice for those who can not speak.

Tiffany Blaine, Field Agent
Tiffany is originally from Saginaw, Mich. and worked at Saginaw County Animal Care and Control for three years as a kennel attendant prior to working at Michigan Humane. She began at Michigan Humane in March 2011 as a Customer Service Representative/Animal Care Technician, became an evaluator in the Shelter Medicine Department in January 2012, and a Field Agent with Field Services in September 2018. She has completed training through NACA (National Animal Control Association), the University of Missouri National Animal Cruelty Investigations School, and Disaster Response. She is also a member of our Animal Search and Rescue team.

Describing the best part of the job is difficult because there isn’t just one answer. Being able to work with the Detroit community and provide information and resources to their pets along with helping the animals in need. Watching the animals that were rescued from impossible situations go to the adoption floor may be the mot rewarding experience.

Mariela Miller-Beekel, Field Agent
Mariela graduated with a degree in Communications and International Studies from Portland State University and moved to Michigan in 2016 where she worked at a boarding facility. Mariela began working with Michigan Humane in 2017 as a customer care representative and animal care technician. Soon moved into her current position as Field Services Coordinator in 2018, where she answers calls and takes complaints and dispatches them out to investigators and field agents. She has attended multiple trainings in animal welfare, animal cruelty, cruelty investigations and blood sports.

Mariela enjoys, “coming to work every day and leaving at the end of the day knowing that our team was able help animals and people.”

Vianey Lopez, Field Agent
Vianey started working for Michigan Humane in December 2020 as a Customer Service Representative where she helped with shelter adoptions and intakes. Vianey joined Field Services team in January 2022 as a Field Agent where she pursues to grow her career in animal welfare and continues to grow her skills.

Vianey is thrilled to be part of a team she grew up watching as a kid on TV along with the rest of the staff and volunteers that are passionate and dedicated to helping Michigan Humane with its mission. Vianey describes her experience at Michigan Humane to be very fulfilling.

Natatia Nix, Senior Field Services Coordinator

Natatia started with Michigan Humane in 2003. She has worked in multiple capacities both in our veterinary centers and shelters. As Senior Coordinator, she serves as the primary information hub for Field Services and provides a wide range of administrative support. Through the years, she’s attended multiple trainings in animal cruelty, cruelty investigation and dog fighting. Natatia is a Nationally Certified Public Communication Telecommunicator, and a big fan of all things related to science, plants, and animals. This fall, she is slated to graduate from Phi Theta Kappa MCCD with a primary focus in psychology and behavioral science.

Karen Cooper, Field Services Coordinator

Karen started with Michigan Humane in April of 2021 as a Customer Care Coordinator. She came to Michigan Humane as a result of her love for helping animals and people. She transferred to Field Services in February 2022. Karen looks forward to learning more about animal behavior and welfare and contributing to the Field Services department.


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