Living in Michigan, we’re fortunate to be surrounded by many opportunities for fun on the water! And with the holiday weekend coming up, many of us would like to bring our pets on those trips. Here are some boat safety tips for making sure your furry friend has a great time on the water too!

  • Before taking your dog out on a boat, make sure to talk to your veterinarian! They can best advise you if your pet is healthy enough for this kind of activity or if there are any health concerns you should be aware of
  • Safety first! Pets should be equipped with a properly fitted flotation device and wear it at all times while boating.
  • Make a plan! Where will your pet go to the bathroom? Will you feed them while they are on the water? Do you have pet-safe sunscreen packed? What happens if your pet becomes stressed or unhappy while on the water? Review every aspect of your trip and make sure you have a plan for how to approach the situation.

Photo credit: Ashley Williams, Pexels


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