The holidays are the perfect time to reflect on our thanks and gratitude. Michigan Humane has so much to be grateful for – during an uncertain year, supporters like you were steadfast in giving animals the resources they needed for a second chance, and our community programs have ensured families can stay together and less pets enter the shelters.

With Thanksgiving upon us, our greatest hope is that our community can experience and enjoy the human-animal bond, and that every animal can find comfort in a loving home.

That’s why when we heard about a pup who was stuck in a sewer, our hearts melted, and we rushed to get her to safety so she could have her best chance at a healthy, happy future.

Enter Capri. Shivering and alone, Capri was trapped beneath the ground in a sewer. The grate was closed, so our Field Agents had no idea how she ended up there. With some effort, they were able to remove the sewer grate and lift Capri out of harm’s way and into caring arms. Capri was taken to Michigan Humane’s Mackey Center for Animal Care in Detroit where she was given a clean bill of health by our expert veterinary team.

After spending some time in our shelter with our caring staff and volunteers, Capri’s wish came true, just in time for the holidays – she was adopted! Stories like this are endless here at Michigan Humane, and the need in our community remains.

We hope that throughout this holiday season, when you see Capri’s photo or think of how much your pet means to you, that you’ll consider giving a gift of thanks, offering so many animals a chance at a loving and warm home this holiday season.

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