Remember that scene in the original Jurassic Park movie when you first see the Tyrannosaurus rex emerge during the blackout? Watch it again but this time with a cat in the T-Rex’s place.

You may already be familiar with OwlKitty, the cat who went viral after being edited into movies and TV shows like Avengers: EngameGame of ThronesJaws and more. The amount of editing that OwlKitty’s parents put into her videos is incredible, but I think they released their most impressive one yet. It’s the inserting of cat food into the scene that does it for me.


As Nerdist points out, this isn’t the first Jurassic Park parody for OwlKitty, real name Lizzy. The feline star first enjoyed internet fame thanks to her stepping in as a velociraptor. Lizzy’s parents show what it’s like to make these videos in a behind the scenes clip below.


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Photo credit: YouTube

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