Despite the cold weather, and perhaps because of it, our volunteers actively support Michigan Humane and the animals we care for.

At our Judith Caplan Phillips Pet Pantry in Detroit’s NW Goldberg neighborhood, straw season kicks off with the first sign of snow and continues all winter through spring. Volunteers join us weekday mornings to pass out free straw to the community. This straw is used to keep animals who spend time outside comfortable and cozy. Both cats and dogs enjoy burrowing down in a straw-lined home in winter.

At our shelter facilities, dog walking continues with volunteers bundled up and socially distancing; of course our dogs don’t know the difference, but they certainly enjoy having fun in the snow! The wonderful thing about dog walking is it’s a breath of fresh air, does not require hours inside a building, and the dogs don’t mind the cold one bit. They come back in refreshed, happy and ready to warm up.

This winter, we had a wonderful group of volunteers make and bring no-sew blankets for our animals in our shelter to keep them warm while they wait for their forever homes. Kittens and cats particularly benefit from these. In many cases, the blankets will go home with them when they get adopted to provide comfort and a familiar scent in their new home. This is a great way to give back to our community from home if you’re looking for more things to take up your time on long, snowy winter days.

The ways volunteers are keeping our community of animals, both in shelter and in homes around Detroit, warm and comfortable are many and inspiring! Come join us in keeping everyone warm this winter.

Photo credit: Devan Bianco, Michigan Humane

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