The virtual 2021 Michigan Humane Kitten Shower, in partnership with Purina, helped us prepare for kitten season, a time of year when hundreds of homeless kittens overwhelm our shelters as the weather warms up.

Litters of neonatal kittens can’t survive without the care of our medical staff and foster families. A huge thank you goes out to the support of hundreds of people who generously donated to the kitten program at Michigan Humane, as well as the kitten item registry while also coming together on a Spring Sunday morning for our annual Kitten Shower.

The shower featured a special neonate kitten care training and none other than a presentation by the beloved “Kitten Lady,” AKA Hannah Shaw, which was brought to you by Amelia and Jonathan Hughes.

Because of these generous individuals, represented by a variety of age groups (as you can see below), hundreds of kittens will get a chance to have a wonderful life with a new family when they are adopted!

For more information on how to become a foster parent to neonate kittens in need, visit

Missed this year’s Kitten Shower? Watch the replay below.

Thanks to you and our sponsors!

Michigan Humane Kitten Shower 2021 Sponsors

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