Sad news for the gaming community dropped this weekend. River, the German Shepherd who inspired the canine companion Dogmeat in Fallout 4, has died.

Former Fallout developer Joel Burgess announced River’s passing on Twitter. It’s a great tribute to her and I highly suggest you read the thread.

Dogmeat is a non-playable character (NPC) who joins you early in Bethesda’s hit 2015 action-RPG. While Dogmeat helps you attack enemies in Fallout 4, Burgess wanted players to look at the canine as a companion first. He brought River to the studio so his colleagues could bond with her and understand that concept.

Dogmeat ended up being so popular with Fallout fans that River won the Top Video Game Dog Award from The CW’s World Dog Awards.

I still remember how upset I was at myself while playing Fallout 4 after losing track of Dogmeat because I forgot which settlement I left him at. I spent an hour looking for my digital canine companion.


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Photo Credit: Twitter, Bethesda Game Studios

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