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Koko Krunch

Female - Domestic Medium Hair, Mix
1 Year 10 Months
7 pounds
Adoption Fee: $75.00
Located at Berman Center for Animal Care
Animal Id: 49698981
Color: Black

Meet Koko Krunch! This upbeat and outgoing girl came from an unfortunate hoarding situation where she lived with dozens of other cats didn't get the individual attention she needed to become a social and affectionate cat. But believe me, that doesn't stop this super fun young lady from being so so special! Koko Krunch was previously part of our Hard Working Cats program which is designed to find barns and warehouse where our more non traditional companion cat can live freely and do what they do best: hunt and roam free! However, after roughly 3 months with Michigan Humane, tons of time and patience, lot of playtime and treats, Koko Krunch has finally decided to show us her true personality: a goofy, playful, affectionate girl! She is still on the timid side and doesn't tolerate over handling. She doesn't care for being picked up or forced interactions and would rather come to you for attention when she's ready. But this girl is so fun and outgoing, a real silly lady that will entertain you for days on end with her cute trills and playful antics. Koko Krunch has a ton of potential to be a really wonderful companion and a lovely family pet, she just needs your help to build her confidence and be the sweet and friendly girl we all know she can be! She also loves other cats and would likely benefit from a playful and friendly resident cat who can help show her the ropes!

Koko Krunch needs:
-A home with no children
-Preferably a quiet, calm home with little traffic
-Several months to adjust to her new environment, starting in a small space so she doesn't get overwhelmed
-Patience! So much patience! She WILL settle in but needs YOUR ability and willingness to allow her to do so on HER timeline, not yours

Koko Krunch's Contact Info
· Berman Center for Animal Care
· 1-866-648-6263 Provide pet id# (49698981) when calling.

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