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Male - Domestic Shorthair, Mix
4 Years 3 Months
10 pounds
Adoption Fee: $20.00
Located at Berman Center for Animal Care
Animal Id: 49691427
Color: Black

Oatbake is a part of our Hardworking Cats program. This program is generally for cats that would not be suited for traditional adoption, but that would thrive as barn cats, warehouse mousers, or indoor/outdoor cats. Hardworking cats often enjoy a level freedom and independence that other cats may not require but can bring the benefit of chemical free pest control and successfully deter other unwanted animal guests from your property.

Oatbake came to Michigan Humane from an unfortunate hoarding situation. This means that he did not get the individualized socialization he needed as a kitten and as a result, is now a timid, fearful, and unsocial cat. Oatbake is not an outgoing guy, rather he is an independent fella that keeps to himself. He likes to hide and keep from sight but will come out at nighttime to feed, explore, and socialize with other cats. He arrived with 25+ other cats and seems to enjoy their company while in the shelter so he likely would get along with other cats in the home/barn with proper, slow introductions.

Due to his lack of socialization and timid nature, we believe that Oatbake would be best suited as a barn cat. If he is going to live in a barn, it is important that he be slowly introduced to the environment and contained for 1-2 weeks while adjusting as he has no known outdoor experience and may flee from his new home if allowed to roam free to quickly. It is also important that even though he will be an outdoor barn cat, his adopter will still need to provide food, water, and necessary vet care. Oatbake can be a feisty guy if he feels threatened or his space is invaded, so it is important that his adopter understands he will likely never be a snuggly or social cat.

Oatbake's Contact Info
· Berman Center for Animal Care
· 1-866-648-6263 Provide pet id# (49691427) when calling.

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