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Female - Domestic Shorthair, Mix
3 Years 1 Months
7 pounds
Adoption Fee: $75.00
Located at Berman Center for Animal Care
Animal Id: 48539726
Color: Grey, Apricot

Rory is a very nice, but very nervous girl! She is a timid and fearful cat that likely did not get a lot of one on one socialization. She is very unsure in new environments and doesn't always want attention. Rory is a super friendly and sweet girl though. She takes a long time to adjust in new settings and with new people. But with some gentle ear scratches and light cuddles, this girl will blossom before you know it! She is very easily startled and will likely always be on the timid and independent side. But in a quiet, calm, low traffic home with a patient adopter to help build her confidence, we are sure that Rory will thrive!

Rory also loves her friend, Joey! They are both very fearful cats that don't always want affection from people, but that find comfort and safety in each other. Joey and Rory would do best going home together so they can help each other adjust in their new home and keep each other company when afraid or unsure! They love to snuggle together, and always run to each other when nervous. Plus, 2 cats is better than 1 anyway!

Rory's Contact Info
· Berman Center for Animal Care
· 1-866-648-6263 Provide pet id# (48539726) when calling.

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