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Male - Domestic Shorthair, Mix
7 Years 4 Months
9 pounds
Adoption Fee: $75.00
Located at Livingston County Center for Animal Care
Animal Id: 47879583
Color: Black, White

Mario is an independent soul. He is a friendly boy that isn't overly affectionate, but will show you his love in other ways. He does enjoy being pet but prefers that to being held. Mario likes his peace and quiet and is great with kids who are old enough to understand how to interact respectfully with a cat. With plenty of TLC, toys, and someone to be his best friend, Mario will be one happy cat! Come meet him today!

Mario was diagnosed with Feline Leukemia. It is a disease that can't be treated, but he is still able to live a happy and healthy life! He will need to live in a home either with no other cats, or with a resident cat(s) that have already been diagnosed with this condition. Please see our adoption counselors for more information.

Mario's Contact Info
· Livingston County Center for Animal Care
· 1-866-648-6263 Provide pet id# (47879583) when calling.

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