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Female - Domestic Shorthair, Mix
4 Months
4 pounds
Adoption Fee: $20.00
Located at Berman Center for Animal Care
Animal Id: 48253663
Color: Brown

Joy is a part of our Hardworking Cats program. This program is generally for cats that would not be suited for traditional adoption, but that would thrive as barn cats, warehouse mousers, or indoor/outdoor cats.

Joy came to Michigan Humane as an under socialized kitten after not having enough human contact during her key socialization period. Due to this, she is now a sassy, fearful, and unsocial gal. Joy is not an outgoing girl, rather she is an independent lady that keeps to herself. She likes to hide and keep from sight but will come out at nighttime to feed, explore and socialize with her friends. Joy is a pretty laid back kitten if left to do her own thing and would probably do well with other cats after a slow introduction.

Due to her lack of socialization and timid nature, we believe that Joy would be best suited as a barn or warehouse cat. If Joy is going to live in a barn, it is important that she be slowly introduced to the environment and contained for 1-2 weeks while adjusting, especially since we are unsure if she has any experience outdoors and she may flee from her new home if allowed to roam free to quickly. It is also important that even though she will be an outdoor barn cat or live in a warehouse, her adopter will still need to provide food, water, and necessary vet care. Joy is generally a calm, laid back girl that keeps herself busy and entertained, but may be able to help you if given a job!

Joy's Contact Info
· Berman Center for Animal Care
· 1-866-648-6263 Provide pet id# (48253663) when calling.

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