Michigan Humane took in 17 puppies from a Detroit home after several weeks of cooperation with the owner.

The puppies, roughly between the ages of 8-10 weeks, were taken to the Mackey Center for Animal Care in Detroit for evaluation. The Michigan Humane shelter staff in Detroit will assess the puppies’ condition and give them the proper medical care and food.


The owner of the puppies told Michigan Humane field agents that they were unplanned litters. The owner turned to Michigan Humane for assistance on caring for the litters. Each year, Michigan Humane provides assistance to pet owners in the form of food, medical care and sterilization, and other items to help keep beloved pets with their families. The owner determined that they could no longer care for the puppies and chose to surrender them to Michigan Humane.

At this time Michigan Humane is not accepting any adoption inquiries for these animals.

Photo credit: Jeff Wolka, Michigan Humane

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