Every year, hundreds of tiny, vulnerable kittens enter care at Michigan Humane facilities, too young to be eligible for adoption. For these young kittens, especially those who have been separated from their mothers, the odds of survival depend on their ability to receive extraordinary care: around-the-clock bottle feeding, special heating discs to stay warm, and extra help to stay clean and healthy.

Michigan Humane’s Kitten Project dedicates expert veterinary staff to caring for these fragile beings and to support foster volunteers to help manage the overwhelming inflow of kittens that begins in April and continues through October. We provide all the supplies and training, and our foster volunteers provide their time and TLC to give these delicate kittens a fighting chance at life, caring for them until they’re strong enough to be ready for adoption.

Orphan Kitten Club is an important partner in this work. As an OKC Might Cat Partner, Michigan Humane recently received a generous $5,000 grant toward the cost of supplies needed to care for more than 1,000 neonatal kittens we expect to enter our shelters in 2022. Orphan Kitten Club also provided support to ensure care for kittens with extra-special needs – kittens like Pete, who came to us with a severely injured eye that needed to be surgically removed. Thanks to Orphan Kitten Club, Pete received the care he needed and has been adopted into a loving home!  

Save the date for our annual virtual Kitten Shower on April 24. We will provide more updates about this year’s event in the coming months.

Thanks to Orphan Kitten Club, Amelia and Jonathan Hughes, and supporters like you, Michigan Humane’s Kitten Project will save hundreds of tiny lives this year.

Donate to support the Kitten Project or become a foster volunteer during kitten season.

Photo credit: Michigan Humane

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