We have so many incredible families who support us every year to help animals in need. From monetary donations to donating food to our pet pantry to participating in our auctions and events, they help us make an impact in our community.

One of those incredible donors, the Kohler family, has their four boys featured in our 2021 wall and desk calendars. Check out their stories in the blog post below, and don’t forget to order your 2021 calendars before they sell out

CHIP – January 2022/Desk Calendar Date: July 8

I am the youngest of the four Kohler boys. My mom found me on Petfinder. I was rescued from an Alabama kill shelter via a South Bend, IN rescue group. My original name was Slip thru Rhino after a famous racing greyhound. From the Petfinder photo, I looked like I was a wire-haired dachshund, but my DNA test said I am 25% dachshund, 37.5% Chihuahua and 37.5% mixed terrier. That explains my long legs. I am a very sweet active two-year-old little boy who wants nothing but love and to play with my brothers.

REESE – October 2021/Desk Calendar Date: September 1

My mom is a “dachshund person,” but fell in love with me and my sky-blue eyes when she first saw me in an empty plastic baby pool playing with my siblings. My biological mother is an Australian Shepherd and my dad was a miniature parti poodle. So I am what they call an Aussie-Doodle. I am sweet as sugar and I am very smart which comes from my Aussie Shepherd roots. I love to play with my brothers, but don’t like to get my feet wet! It messes up my beautiful fluffy good looks.

SMORZ – December 2020/Desk Calendar Date: December 6

I am the senior member of the Kohler clan. I am almost 16 and my birthday is this month. I am a pure-bred chocolate dappled long haired dachshund and have been with my family since I was a puppy, when my mom saw me in a fancy boutique Florida pet store laying in a white baby crib. I heard her say that she had to have me and we flew home to Michigan the next day. I am a super boy, living the good life, with a definite doxie personality. I enjoy watching my three younger brothers play and I still enjoy a good breakfast.

GRAHAM – May 2021/Desk Calendar Date: April 9

I am a shaded cream long haired dachshund who was born in mid-Michigan on a beautiful large farm. My parents drove a long way to get me and I stole my dad’s heart with my good looks, sweetness and beautiful dark almond shaped eyes. My mom says I look like I am wearing eyeliner! I love being held and give the best kisses. Everybody who meets me says I am a perfect little dachshund and they all want to dognap me!

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