Information and Forms

New Client Information
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Package Pricing
We have a variety of package pricing available for preventive care for your pet.

Low-cost spay/neuter

  • Cat spays start at $65.00
  • Cat neuters start at $50.00
  • Dog spays start at $165.00
  • Dog neuters start at $124.00

Please note: additional costs/conditions may apply.

Help with Difficult End-of-Life Decisions
Some say when one life ends, another begins. The circle of life is beautiful in its own respect, but can sometimes be bittersweet when the time has come to make difficult decisions about your pet’s remaining days. Our compassionate team of veterinarians and staff are also pet owners and pet lovers; we can relate to and we truly understand that deep connection that you share with your companion animal. We know that pets aren’t just pets . . . they are a beloved member of your family. It is with such compassion that we will exhaust all possible options before guiding you through the process of pet euthanasia

Financial Assistance

To provide compassionate care to as many animals as we can, the Michigan Humane Society has created several innovative programs to make veterinary care more affordable. These programs translate to millions of dollars of subsidized veterinary care annually.

In case of an emergency please contact the closest veterinary emergency clinic.

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