For many of us, our pets have played a vital role in our emotional and mental well-being during this pandemic. This was certainly true for Edie and Tim, supporters of local food rescue and Michigan Humane partner, Forgotten Harvest. Edie explained that Grady and Beamer have helped her and her family a great deal in navigating through these uncertain times, and now her horse Beamer is helping her through the grief of losing their beloved Grady in late June. “They can’t hold your hand, but boy do you feel their heart,” she said.

“No one could question the emotional attachment and value our 12 ½ -year-old Golden Retriever Grady had on us. We loved him beyond measure, and wherever we were, so was our Grady. From his puppy days until he passed away. Grady’s most favorite place was spending time with his horse brother, Beamer.” Edie and Tim.

Beamer, a 29-year-old Tennessee Walker horse, resides at the Buffalo Soldiers Heritage Association Stable located in Detroit Rouge Park. Beamer has played a large role in the Detroit community for several years. He once served as a member of the Camp Casey Hero Herd, where he made Horsey House Calls to children with terminal illnesses. Before the virus hit, he was part of a program in Rouge Park that covered the history of the Buffalo soldiers.  Beamer is also a big part of Edie and Tim’s family, especially for their grandchildren who love to visit their four-legged friend.

The relationships that we have with our pets are very special and unique, and that could not be more evident than the love and support that Beamer shared with Edie and Tim when Grady passed away. Our pets love us unconditionally through all the highs and lows, and as Edie and Tim stated, “neither dog nor horse care about race, religion, culture or socioeconomic status – only if you have treats.”

Edie and Tim’s passion for animals, humans and community comes together beautifully in their support of Michigan Humane and Forgotten Harvest. Since 2018, Forgotten Harvest has been a valuable Michigan Humane partner. We know that people facing economic challenges will often put aside their own needs to provide for their beloved four-legged family members. Forgotten Harvest rescues discontinued, short expiration or damaged bags of pet food from stores and distributors monthly and delivers it to our Judith Caplan Phillips Pet Food Pantry. Since January, the pantry has provided more than 800,000 lbs. of food – or 3 million meals – to the community.

Photo Credit: Edie and Tim

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