Firefighters rushing to put out a fire at a vacant Royal Oak Township church were surprised to find a dog trapped in the building.

The incident took place Sunday morning as the Ferndale Fire Department battled the blaze with assistance from Madison Heights and Birmingham Fire Departments. The dog was understandably frightened as the firefighters attempted to rescue her. She eventually found an opening and escaped the fire with minor burns.

Ferndale Fire Chief Teresa Robinson called out to the dog and she came back for some pets and kisses. Miracle, as the dog is now known, was treated at Oakland County Animal Shelter and will be up for adoption soon.

“She was scared, but there was not an ounce of aggression in her body,” said Chief Robinson. “She just wanted to be loved.”

“When we found her, we weren’t sure about the extent of the fire,” Chief Robinson continued. “This is a great thing to celebrate; we don’t always have positive outcomes like this.”

Photo credit: City of Ferndale, Facebook

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