DIY Fundraising

DIY Individual/Organization Fundraising

DIY Fundraising is a great way for people of any age to raise funds for Michigan Humane! From girl scout troops to retirement homes, there are many fun ways to help the animals in our care. DIY Fundraisers are hosted by individuals and organizations, like social clubs or school groups, external to Michigan Humane and benefit us via proceeds, donations, and in other valuable ways.

We encourage innovative ideas when it comes to DIY, but here’s some inspiration:

· Host a lemonade stand to engage your neighborhood or community in our cause.

· Organize a sporting tournament, like a volleyball or kickball competition.

· Sell baked goods at your school or work.

· Start a penny war – put a receptacle in two different areas and count each penny as one point.

· Host a BBQ for your friends and family and request donations as the entry fee. 


Incorporate philanthropy into your professional life by fundraising for the animals at Michigan Humane at your place of employment. DIY Corporate Fundraising can range from in-store promotions at restaurants and boutiques to team building exercises that ultimately help the animals. 

We hope the below examples can provide guidance:

· Do you work in a restaurant? Donate a percentage of your sales for an entire day.

· Boutique owners – choose a product and donate 50% of contributions from the sale of the item each time it’s sold.

· If you regularly dress in business casual, ask to host a $5 jeans day in your office.

· Satisfy a sweet tooth or two by hosting a bake sale in your break room or cafeteria.

· Get competitive and organize a bowling tournament with your colleagues. 


Let us know what you’re planning!

Are you planning your own fundraiser for the animals at Michigan Humane? Let us know! Contact Michigan Humane Events Coordinator Silvia McFarland at 313-552-3005 or

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