Michigan Humane cares for hundreds of older animals each year who have so much love yet to give. That’s why in November, we celebrate National Adopt a Senior Pet Month and feature the stories of these older pets who deserve their best life. Huckleberry is one of those pets.

After the death of his owner, Huckleberry was brought to the compassionate team here at Michigan Humane to find a second chance. He had clearly been loved (and maybe given a few too many treats). During his medical evaluation, our staff noted that his ears seemed to be causing him a lot of pain and were filled with debris. After several rounds of cleaning and medication with no lasting improvement, the decision was made to perform a specialized surgery on his ear canals to stop the chronic irritation and permanently relieve his pain.

Huckleberry recovered thanks to our caring staff and your support. Given his laid-back attitude and love for attention, it was no wonder that he found a new home and family quickly, where he will live out his golden years in comfort. So many more senior animals are in need of specialized care. Michigan Humane will continue to be a resource for these helpless pets, ensuring they have every chance at a bright, loving future.

Photo credit: Michigan Humane

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