Michigan Humane wraps up our weekly Black History Month features with proof that history is still being made every day by those among us. The following is a transcription of an article from the Fall 2020 issue of The Michigan Veterinarian featuring our own Dr. Janeea Wright:

At the age of 9 years old, Dr. Janeea Wright felt a divine calling to love and care for animals. “I loved being around animals so much that I would intentionally go and find garden snakes, toads, and other small animals in our yard because they intrigued me so much. Those animals taught me important lessons of respecting animals and their natural habitat,” she said. Dr. Wright’s first pet was a chihuahua named Princess and they would bond over the years. As Princess gradually aged, Dr. Wright realized that some of the medical care Princess needed was unavailable. That inspired her to focus her efforts on animals’ health and how she could help animals by providing the proper health care they needed.

Her passion continued into her high school years. She excelled in science-based classes such as biology, chemistry and anatomy. After working diligently toward her goal, Dr. Wright would graduate from the Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2015.

“The atmosphere at my school was very supportive. The staff, my classmates and upperclassman truly cared about making our time there an exceptional learning experience. I felt supported through my years of vet school and even grew into the professional I am today.”

This accomplishment has allowed her to help many pets and their owners remove barriers when it comes to receiving quality care. Transitioning from student to professional does come with learning experiences and many times words of advice.

“I was reminded by my mentors on the importance of speaking confidently with my clients. I have found that when I speak confidently, I gain my client’s trust, which results in better communication and patient care.”

As a new professional, Dr. Wright also believes in the power of mentorship and how it can contribute to your success throughout your career. “I hope in the next 5010 years to mentor young doctors and students. It would be great to pay it forward and pass along my knowledge and advice to help them in their careers as well.”

When Dr. Wright was asked what she finds to be the most rewarding experience about veterinary medicine, she responded, “I find it most rewarding when I have a very sick patient and you see them become well again from the medical care you provided. It’s also rewarding when I have a client who appreciates the compassion I have on their pet, especially when it is a euthanasia procedure.”

Since graduating, these past five years have taught Dr. Wright how to balance being a veterinary professional, mother, and wife.

“When it comes to being a veterinarian, I’ve learned that you have to set realistic expectations and that my goal is to do what is best for my patients. If I want to feel successful in my career, it’s important that I learn from my failures, explore growth opportunities and to continuously offer compassion. Also, I need to remember what is in my control and what is not.”

“As a wife and mother, I’ve learned the importance of organizing my schedule to help me balance my work and family activities. I enjoy spending quality time with family, especially when we get to play games, dance and listen to music together. And when I find time for myself, I enjoy writing and reading my Bible because it encourages me and brings me peace.”

Tough moments at work can create negative feelings or emotions that can affect future outcomes. So, Dr. Wright was asked what advice she would give to our readers on what helps her in those moments.

“Remember not to dwell on the negative, instead focus on something that brings you joy. Try remembering something good that happened in that day or in the past, even if it is small. You will find that your mood will change and how a positive and confident mindset will affect your outcomes both professionally and personally.”

Photo credit: Michigan Veterinary Medical Association

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