In November 2021, Maddie’s Fund announced an opportunity for shelters to apply for a free volunteer program assessment, or VPA. This innovative volunteer assessment program was developed by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and is generously supported by Maddie’s Fund. The VPA program offers successful applicants the opportunity to survey their volunteers. The survey is conducted by UNC Charlotte or one of its affiliated universities. Participating shelters receive a report of the survey results with recommendations and information about how their program compares to other shelters’ programs.

According to the Maddie’s Fund announcement, “the VPA’s overarching vision is to help nonprofit leaders understand the strengths and weaknesses of their volunteer program, from the perspective of their volunteers, and provide insights into the strategic management of their volunteer resources. We’ve heard from lots of organizations who have done VPA and their testimonies are extremely positive.”

While the VPA is intended for shelters with a bricks-and-mortar facility and at least 30 volunteers, the UNC Charlotte has also developed a “FAST-15” foster assessment program to assess engagement and satisfaction of current foster volunteers.

Program space is limited, so if you are interested, please apply quickly!

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