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Sylvia's Story

Abandoned dog found with ingrown nails rescued by MHS

August 31, 2015

Sylvia was found in the yard of an abandoned building and a concerned citizen brought her to us after they realized she hadn't received veterinary care for a very long time.

When our team saw her, they immediately noticed her nails were extremely long.

So long in fact, that they had grown in a complete circle, were puncturing into her back paw pads.

Sylvia was in so much pain, she was unable to walk.

We carefully cut her nails, cleaned up an infection she had developed in her paw pads with special ointment, and provided her with a warm bed to recover in.

Now, Sylvia is healthy, happy and ready to find her forever home with a special family that loves her. Sylvia will never have to worry again, thanks to the support of people like you!

Your support makes rescues like Sylvia’s possible. Your donation today will be put right to work rescuing sick and injured animals.

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