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Robert's Rescue

We’re not sure exactly what happened to Robert, but this pup was in rough shape when we found him on the streets of Detroit

October 7, 2015

We’re not sure exactly what happened to Robert, but this pup was in rough shape when Pam, one of our rescue team members, found him on the streets of Detroit.

He had abrasions all over his body, matted fur and what appeared to be chemical burns to his skin.

As if that were not enough, he was so malnourished that he had developed deformities on his front limbs.

Had someone not called us, Robert would likely have died, suffering and alone. But Pam was able to rush this tough little guy to our Detroit Center for immediate medical attention. Robert needed time to recover, so he was placed in a foster home where he received special treatment and plenty of love while he recuperated.

After several weeks of care, Robert was ready to go up for adoption. It didn’t take long before this sweet pup found a loving home with the perfect family!

Support from friends like you helped save Robert’s life! But many other animals in Michigan aren’t so lucky. They’re still HUNGRY. HURTING. HOMELESS. Hoping someone like you will help.
Your support makes rescues like Robert’s possible. Your donation today will be put right to work rescuing sick and injured animals.




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