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Indy's Story

Dog needs emergency surgery after swallowing coat hanger

February 22, 2016

Our shelter veterinarian had never seen anything like it.

The young dog was emaciated, half of her ideal weight. You could see every bone on her body, and you could see an obvious hard object sticking out from her stomach – she had swallowed something she shouldn’t have.

She needed emergency surgery.

When our veterinarian opened up her stomach to remove the foreign body, what she discovered shocked her. The dog, who weighed only about 11 pounds and measured 20 inches long, had swallowed an 8 inch piece of a plastic coat hanger, that was now embedded in her stomach.

We can only assume Indy was extremely hungry and scarfed down whatever she could find to eat in a desperate attempt to get food. But now her life was at risk because of what she had swallowed.

It was a difficult surgery but thanks to our experienced veterinary staff she came through and started on the road to recovery. The dog, who we named Indy, then spent time in a foster home where she was able to gain weight and go from 11 pounds to 22 pounds.

Once she was at a healthy weight, she was ready to go up for adoption and found her forever home!

We need your support to have the resources to perform immediate emergency surgeries like Indy’s. Please donate today to make rescues like Indy’s possible.

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