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Andrew and Addison

With no mother, food or proper shelter, these little kittens were in trouble.

December 18, 2015

“All I could see were little glowing eyes.” That’s how our rescue driver described his first encounter with Andrew and Addison, a pair of kittens who were living in a burned out house in Detroit.

With no mother, food or proper shelter, these little kittens were in trouble. Our rescue driver was able to locate the tiny balls of black fur by using his flashlight as he looked under the porch of the house.

The kittens were more than happy to in his arms and out of the cold, dark house as he placed them in a carrier to be transported to our shelter.

An MHS veterinarian examined them, gave them vaccinations and set them up with food, water and a warm, safe place to stay. It was determined that the pair of cute kittens needed some extra time to gain weight and socialize before going up for adoption.

After a few weeks, Andrew and Addison were ready to find their permanent homes. It wasn’t long before they found their perfect match!

Your support makes rescues like Andrew and Addison’s possible. Your donation today will be put right to work rescuing sick and injured animals.




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