500+ Animals in Our Care - Michigan Humane Society

500+ Animals in Our Care

Dogs, cats, and other homeless pets relying on you and me

January 27, 2016

Caring for a pet is a big responsibility. If you've ever owned a dog or cat, you know they count on you to be fed, they count on you when they get sick, and they count on you for love and affection.

Animals Need Your 

Consistent Support

Can the animals count on you?

Commit to a
monthly gift today:


Every day, the Michigan Humane Society cares for upwards of 500 dogs, cats and other animals.

That’s 500 animals relying on you and me. Each animal needs to be fed.  Each animal needs to be walked or played with. Each animal needs veterinary care, whether it be a medical exam, vaccinations, spay/neuter, or perhaps even lifesaving surgery.

500 animals in our care have needs to be met every single day. It's a number we can count on.

Your previous generous donation did so much good, and your continued support will help meet the basic needs of animals tomorrow. Please let them know they can count on you by committing to a monthly gift, ensuring you will be there to help the next animal in need.

Your commitment today can:

  • Help give each animal a warm place to sleep
  • Help provide each animal with veterinary care
  • Help these animals find new, loving homes

I hope we can count on your help today, and tomorrow!


Debby MacDonald
Chief Cruelty Investigator
Michigan Humane Society


Help animals get a warm comfortable place to sleep Help provide veterinary care to homeless animals Help find new loving homes for dogs and cats

Can help provide
animals with shelter

Can help animals in
need of veterinary care

Can find new loving
homes for dogs and cats



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