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Puppy Found with Massive Gash Wound

The MHS Rescue Team recently brought in a six-month-old puppy with a horrible gash wound up her side.

August 11, 2016

We can’t say for sure how it happened. Maybe Lilo caught herself a fence, maybe she hit by a car, or maybe it was done intentionally.

All we know is that when a local woman walked out of her house one morning, she was absolutely shocked to find a puppy in her yard, and even more shocked when she saw how badly wounded she was.

She immediately picked up the phone and called our Rescue Team who rushed to the scene. When they arrived, they saw sweet Lilo, just laying there with an absolutely gruesome gash straight across her side.

They swooped Lilo up, placed her on a blanket in our rescue van and phoned back to our veterinarian team to prepare the triage room.

Within minutes, the team was at our Dresner Foundation for Animal Care tending to Lilo's wounds - providing her the comfort and immediate care she so desperately needed.

Lilo was then placed into surgery where she was gently stitched up by our veterinary staff while our shelter team lined up a caring foster home for her to recover in.

After just a few short weeks, Lilo was bouncing around happy as can be, and our team decided she was ready to have her dream come true - the dream of finding her happy beginning with a new family.

But none of this would have been possible without you.

It's because of your continued life-saving support that Lilo was cared for, and it's because of you that she's found the perfect loving family to grow old with.

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