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Three calls, six lives

Three rescue calls came together to save six lives.

July 18, 2016

Just this year, our rescue team has been dispatched 1,319 times to emergency rescue situations. Recently, three of those emergency rescue calls saved the lives of five kittens and one young cat.

It was Monday when the first call came in. There was a stray cat, probably only a year old, injured at the Chalmers exit off I-94. When our team first saw her, it was obvious she was struggling to get around. We quickly swooped her up and immediately noticed how traumatic the injuries to her front paw were. Her bone was exposed, her two toes and a large part of her foot were missing, and what was left of her foot was covered in lesions. We held her tight and took her back to our Detroit shelter. Once there, we carefully cleaned and bound her wounds, placed her in a soft bed to rest, and named her Malaya.

A few days later, the second call came in and it was about kittens - found right where Malaya was rescued. There were two of them and they were tiny. They were only two weeks old, and it's unlikely they would have survived much longer if they were left undiscovered.

We brought them back to our shelter, cleaned them up, and introduced them to Malaya. They needed a mother and, given the proximity of their locations, it's likely she was it. You could sense Malaya's immediate relief when she saw the kittens. She started grooming them, snuggling with them and was visibly excited to be with them.

Just the next day, we received a third call from a man who heard kittens crying from somewhere in his house. When he ripped a hole in the wall, he saw the tiny ear of a tiny little kitten. Our rescue team was dispatched and we made his hole bigger, pulled the little kitten out, and utilized our scope to see if we could locate anyone else. Our rescue team caught sight of another little calico kitty in the wall. They quickly snatched her up and took her and her sister back to our shelter to receive veterinary care.

The next day, we received a notice from the caller that he had found another kitten in the wall and was able to retrieve her. The three tiny kittens were too young to live on their own without a mother, and Malaya had taken to the first litter so well, we knew she'd be the perfect foster mom for these three little ones from the wall. She didn't even blink an eye when we introduced them to her, and she immediately took them in as her own.

Your donation today will enable us to continue to respond to emergency rescue calls like Malaya's and the kittens, and continue making happily ever afters possible.

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