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Understanding Animal Welfare Issues

What you can do to help pets overcome the many problems they face

Issues facing pets in our community

A growing number of animals in the city receive little to no veterinary care and/or are victims of neglect, abuse, poor living conditions, socialization, dog-fighting or other forms of animal cruelty. The poor economic climate in the city has significantly affected the ability of many pet owners to care for animals.  Here are the five main issues pets in our community face and what you can do to help.

Help Stop Dogfighting   Dogfighting
MHS asks for your help to stop dogfighting in its tracks.
puppy-mill-100.jpg   Puppy Mills
99% of pet stores that sell puppies buy them from puppy mills. Here's what you can do.
kittens-100.jpg   Pet Overpopulation
Thousands of pets are euthanized in animals shelters each year. Here is what you can do to reduce that number.
Animal Cruelty   Animal Cruelty
If you know an animal is suffering due to negligence or violence, you can help! Learn what and when to report.
  Animal Euthanasia
MHS takes in more than six times the number of animals than the next largest organization in Michigan. Here's why.

Explore More Animal Welfare Issues

Check These Out...

MHS' New Facility

Our new location in Detroit offers improved and highly progressive animal housing, an expanded veterinary center, and a community dog park. Check it out!

Feline Low-Cost Spay/Neuter

$50 per male, $65 per female, price includes the procedure, hospitalization, and anesthesia.

March for Animals

Join us with or without your pet at one or more of this year's fundraising walks to support homeless animals in Michigan.

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