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For over a century, the Michigan Humane Society has taken a leadership role in affecting legislation to address animal welfare issues in our state.  Join the Michigan Humane Society's Legislative Action Network and help lobby for legislation to address animal welfare issues in Michigan.  You will receive updates and alerts letting you know when and how you can take action. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of animals throughout Michigan.

Michigan State Legislation:

MI Senate Bill SB 560: Bill to Define and Enforce Existing Regulations for Large-Scale Dog Breeders

MHS SUPPORTS: This bill seeks to ensure breeders register with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and follow same standards of care required of animal shelters and pet stores

MI Senate Bill 345: Bill to Ban Gas Chambers in Michigan Shelters

MHS SUPPORTS: This legislation would ban the use of gas chambers in Michigan animal shelters

MI House Bill 4300: Ban Private Ownership of Non-Human Primates in Michigan

MHS SUPPORTS: This legislation would ban private ownership of non-human primates in Michigan

Senate Bill 29: Add Bittering Agents to Antifreeze

MHS SUPPORTS: This legislation would mandate the addition of a bittering agent to antifreeze sold in Michigan, which is toxic to pets

Senate Bill 48: Bear Cub Display and Petting at Roadside Zoos

MHS OPPOSES: This bill would allow for the public handling of bear cubs in places like roadside zoos

Senate Bills 117, 118: Puppy Protection Act

MHS SUPPORTS: Bills Would Regulate Large-Scale Breeders, Crack Down on Puppy Mills

House Bills 4534,4535: Logan's Law

MHS SUPPORTS: Bills Would Create Registry of Convicted Animal Abusers

VICTORY! SB 356, SB 358, HB 5789

Strengthening Michigan's Dogfighting Laws

Michigan State Animal Regulation:

Open Letter to Dog Breeders and Purebred Dog Fanciers in Michigan

Join MHS in Establishing Much-Needed Oversight for Large-Scale Commercial Dog Breeding Establishments in Michigan

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