Pocket Pets

If you’re thinking of adding a furry friend to your family, you might want to consider a “pocket pet.”  Hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rats, rabbits, and ferrets are some of the most popular pets. 

  • Hamsters and gerbils can be a bit too small for young children, but can make nice pets for older kids. 
  • Guinea pigs are bigger and can make good pets for just about all ages - the more they are gently handled the more social they can become. 
  • Rats (domestic ones) can make wonderful pets for children as well.  They tend to enjoy being handled, are clean, and very smart. 
  • Rabbits are the largest of the group and can make good pets if socialized properly.  They typically need a bigger living area than the others and a bit more exercise. 
  • Ferrets require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation and as such require a bit more time than the others.  They are also the only “pocket pet” that requires vaccines - similar to a cat.  They are funny, playful and mischievous.  

So whatever you’re looking for, there’s probably a pocket pet to fit your lifestyle.

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