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New Pet Checklist

New Pet Checklist

Below is a checklist of items you may wish to consider purchasing for the health and happiness of your new pet.  

Some of these items, as well as many great gifts for people and pets, are available via the official MHS Online Store where your purchases will help other animals awaiting loving homes!  

Cats and/or Kittens

Cat bed
Cat toys
Cat nip
City License (where required)*
Collar (designed for cats)
Dry food (Cat or kitten)
Food and water bowls
Food scoop
Litter box and litter (box & litter only available as part of starter kit)
Litter scoop
Nail trimmers or Soft Paws®
Pet carrier
Rescue sticker
Scratching post or pad

Dogs and/or Puppies

Chew toys
City/County license (as required)*
Collar and leash
Dog bed
Dry food (dog or puppy)
Food and water bowls
Food Scoop
ID Tag
Nail trimmers
Rescue Sticker

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