Making Your Pet as Adoptable - Michigan Humane Society

Making Your Pet as Adoptable

Unsterilized (intact) pets are at a much greater risk of being surrendered by their owners. This is due to related health or behavior (aggression, marking, roaming, etc.) reasons, or because they produce "unwanted" litters.  By having your pet neutered or spayed, you may find you do not need to give him or her up.  However, if you do still surrender your pet, ensuring he or she is sterilized will assist in the successful rehoming of the pet either yourself or through a shelter.  MHS veterinary centers offer low sterilization fees.

Ensuring your pet is current on vaccinations and has had proper dental care will not only help keep him or her healthier in a shelter environment or new home, but will also make him more appealing to a potential adopter.

Groom or bathe your pet. 

Consider pet training which will make him or her more adoptable, and may even allow you to keep your pet.

Also, having your pet at a healthy weight will make him or her more appealing to adopters than an overweight or obese cat.

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