Admission and Placement Policy - Michigan Humane Society

Admission and Placement Policy

Open Admission Policy: The Michigan Humane Society will not turn away your pet for any reason including potential adoptability, your city of residence, or for any other reason.

Placement Policy: The Michigan Humane Society makes every effort to place healthy, friendly animals in new, loving homes. However, we cannot guarantee rehoming of your pet. The placement of an individual animal for adoption at our adoption centers is based on an evaluation of his or her health and temperament. Once an animal is placed up for adoption at the Michigan Humane Society, there is no time limit in which he or she can remain up for adoption.

The Michigan Humane Society is committed to embracing new and effective initiatives to save more animal lives. Exciting new research indicates that, oftentimes, it is appropriate and humane to leave outdoor cats alone. Typically, cats who call the great outdoors “home” suffer significant stress and illness when forced to live in a shelter environment. These cats are often unhappy as housecats, as well.

The MHS Community Cats initiative is designed to improve the lives of unowned, healthy, free-roaming cats in our community and reduce the unnecessary euthanasia of healthy cats that are not suitable for adoption. Please note that the healthy and friendly/socialized cats in our care are always placed in traditional loving homes.

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