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Teach Your Dog the Quiet Command

Is your dog barking too much?

July 1, 2015

To teach this command, first you have to get your dog to bark.  Often the doorbell will do the job.  Once he's barking, give the command Aquiet.  The second he stops barking praise him and give him a treat.  Practice.  Eventually, when he responds to your quiet command wait 5, 10 seconds before giving the treat.

Keep increasing the length of quiet time before giving the treat.  Then alternate - sometimes give treats for responding to your command and sometimes give praise.  Before you know it, you will have a dog who will stop barking on command. 

It is important to note that teaching the quiet command won't work in all situations on all dogs.  Remember, identifying why your dog barks is the key to quieting him.  If you are not sure what is causing the barking, contact a qualified behavior consultant for help.

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