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Make a Fleece Blanket for Homeless Cats and Kittens

Fleece Blanket No-Sew Craft Project Great Way for Anyone to Help Homeless Cats and Kittens

April 9, 2015

Make a Fleece Blanket for Homeless Cats and Kittens

Do you want to use your craft skills to help homeless animals? The Michigan Humane Society needs cozy fleece blankets for the cats and kittens to curl up on while they await loving homes. The following fleece blanket craft project is a great way for your family or friends to spend time together this holiday season - or any time of year - while helping animals!

First, decide how many blankets you will make, and visit a craft store to purchase the fleece fabric. Then, just follow the easy directions below. Remember to ask an adult before beginning your craft project.


  • Sharp scissors for cutting cloth
  • Measuring tape
  • Fleece fabric: Machine-washable fleece in any color (solids preferred), or a printed pattern for one layer and a coordinating solid color for the other layer. One yard of fabric will make two large kitty blankets or four small ones. If sale fabric is purchased, the cost will be about $1.25 for a small blanket or $2.50 for a large one.


To Make a Large Blanket

Cut two rectangles that are 17 to 18 inches wide by 28 to 29 inches long. Lay one rectangle on top of the other so they completely overlap. Cutting through both layers, cut a 3-inch square out of each corner, and discard them. (See downloadable instruction sheet)

Cut slits 3 inches long by approximately 3/4 inch wide along all four sides. Make the cuts as even as you can. This will look like fringe.Tie individual fringes together, top layer fringe to bottom layer fringe, using double knots. To make it easier, you can skip tying every other fringe.

To Make a Small Blanket

Cut two rectangles that are 17 to 18 inches wide by 14 inches long. Follow the rest of the large-blanket directions above.


You can donate your fleece blankets at any MHS location (see our locations and hours). Purrs of thanks for making wishes come true!

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