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MHS Legislative History

For over a century, the Michigan Humane Society (MHS) has taken a leadership role in affecting legislation to address animal welfare issues in the state of Michigan.

Over the years, MHS has experienced many important legislative victories that have led to improved animal laws and increased protection for both companion animals and wildlife.  Due in part to these efforts, in Michigan:

    • All dogs, cats and ferrets adopted from public or private shelters be sterilized
    • A second violation of the misdemeanor animal cruelty law constitutes a felony offense
    • Juveniles who commit an act of animal cruelty must undergo mental health evaluation
    • Private ownership of large exotic cats, bears and wolf hybrids is illegal
    • Adequate outdoor shelter is now defined under Michigan law
    • A person who kills their own animal, another's animal or a stray animal can be charged with a felony 
    • Dog-and cock-fighting, observing such fighting, and breeding and training animals for fighting are felony offenses

Continuing to build on this rich history of improving animal welfare through legislative action, the Michigan Humane Society has many exciting plans for the current legislative session.

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