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All I Want is Love.

2015 Holiday Fund Drive

December 6, 2015

When the phone call came in to the Michigan Humane Society, we were told that a dog had been hit by a car and left on the side of the road. Our rescue team rushed out to investigate and found Johnny lying near the street. You could tell he was in a lot of pain, but his tail started wagging as soon as he saw us. Even though he was hurting, his sweet personality shone through!

As our veterinarians examined him, they discovered he had multiple fractures in one leg. Unfortunately, the injuries were too severe to save his leg. We needed to amputate it.

It was Johnny’s best chance for a happy, healthy life.


A few days after his surgery, Johnny was placed in a foster home to recover. This family cared for the pup for several weeks as he rested. They helped him learn to get around on three legs and gave him the love he needed. When Johnny was fully healed, he was brought back to MHS and placed up for adoption.

Johnny wasn’t up for adoption very long when his new mom met him. It was love at first sight, and he soon became a cherished member of her family. He loves his new canine sister, Angie, (who was also adopted) and he has even been out hiking, swimming and camping. Johnny doesn’t let the fact that he’s missing a leg slow him down one bit!

This holiday is a happy one for Johnny. But countless other animals are still hurting and homeless, and all they want is love . . .

As the winter months approach, far too many cats and dogs are abandoned on the streets or left outside in the cold — innocent creatures neglected by humans who promised to love them. Because of this, our resources are stretched to the limit.

Please, won’t you join our 2015 Holiday Fund Drive with a gift today?

Your donation:

  • can help provide vaccinations to homeless animals.
  • can help provide lifesaving medical care.
  • can help provide emergency rescue for animals in need.

A gift of any amount will help animals in need!

When you contribute to our 2015 Holiday Fund Drive, you’ll help save animals from terrible cruelty and suffering. And you’ll also bring great joy to the caring humans who adopt these furry friends and make them part of their families.

Thank you for your support. Your gift today will help more animals like Johnny find love and a forever home.

Best wishes for the holidays,

Matthew Pepper
President and CEO




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