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October 6, 2015

Adeline was in such pain . . . how could someone hurt this adorable girl?

Adeline was found on the streets of Detroit with a severe injury. She was brought to the shelter with a deep laceration on her leg. It is unclear whether someone had deliberately harmed the sweet girl, or if life on the streets had taken its toll. Either way, we had to help her.

Our veterinarians got to work cleaning her wound to prevent infection right away. They gently sewed her wound shut and gave her medication to help with the pain. As if having to recover from surgery wasn’t enough, sweet Adeline became ill as well.

She needed time to heal, both physically and mentally. She received plenty of TLC from our staff and volunteers, as well as our veterinarians, who kept a close eye on her progress.

She had some ups and downs and received specialized care for more than two months before the day finally came that she was ready to find her new home.

Adeline had come a long way from the scared, injured girl that first walked through our doors.

Her leg had healed and so had her heart.

It wasn’t long before a nice young couple came to see her. The connection was instant and Adeline was on her way to her new life filled with love and happiness.

It’s wonderful when not-so-happy beginnings turn out to have happy endings like this one — and it’s only possible thanks to your kindness and compassion!

Read this recent update Adeline’s “mom” sent about Adeline’s life in her newhome...

“Adeline has really helped complete our family. She is such a joy to be around and you would never know the difficulties she had before she arrived at MHS. We can’t imagine not having her in our lives!”

You make a tremendous difference in the lives of vulnerable cats, dogs and other animals in our community. Yet the need for our help grows as more animals come in each day. Each special animal needs shelter, medical attention and loving care — and the costs to provide these services continues to rise. Please give today.

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