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Louie’s family had fallen on hard times

When Louie came to us, it was obvious that he needed medical attention.

March 1, 2016

Times in Detroit are still difficult.

Louie’s family had fallen on hard times. They struggled to keep their beloved pet, but could no longer care for the ailing 11-yearold Cocker Spaniel mix. Knowing that their sweet dog deserved a second chance and another loving family, they contacted the Michigan Humane Society.

When Louie came to us, it was obvious that he needed medical attention. He had two visible masses, one on his paw and another on his chest. He was also underweight and would require a special diet to help him get back on his feet.

We healed his body, but it took a little longer to restore his spirit.

After being examined by our veterinarians, the decision was made to surgically remove Louie’s masses. We took precautions to ensure the senior dog’s surgery would go smoothly. After a few hours in the operating room, Louie’s masses were gone. Now he had to recover.

Surgery can be tough on any animal, especially an older pet, but Louie kept his loving personality through it all. Our staff gave him a nice warm bed and plenty of attention and treats to keep him happy and comfortable while he recovered.

Thanks to caring friends like you, Louie finally found a loving family.

After a couple of weeks, Louie was back on his feet and feeling like himself again. He was placed up for adoption, and it wasn’t long before a nice couple came in and could not resist those caring eyes. Louie had found his new beginning. Louie was happy, healthy and going home.

Thanks to caring and compassionate friends like you, Louie — and other animals like him here in Michigan — have a second chance at a better life. But there are still so many more cats and dogs in our community that are sick, injured and desperately in need of tender loving care.

The love is free, but the other costs add up.

The caring devotion we give is priceless and comes from the heart. But the shelter, veterinary care and daily supplies to nurse them back to health before they are ready for adoption all cost money.

We urgently need your support to ensure we can continue our work on behalf of homeless and helpless animals.

Your tax-deductible gift will help provide:

• Rescue of injured, abandoned and endangered cats and dogs
• Shelter for thousands of unwanted and lost animals
• Pet adoptions to loving homes
• Reunions between lost pets and their families
• Spay/neuter services
• Cruelty investigation, referral services and much more

Think of Louie . . . and the unimaginable pain he faced in his life . . . and let your heart be touched by the needs of precious animals like him in our community.

Then make your most generous gift today — because these wonderful cats and dogs are relying on you. You can donate online at www.michiganhumane.org/givehope.

To thank you for your generosity, help us spread the word about how every animal in our community deserves a loving home.

Please make your best gift today — the animals are counting on you.

Your generous gift will help save animals from terrible cruelty and suffering. You’ll also bring great joy to the caring humans who adopt these furry friends and make them part of their families.

Animals like Louie need you. Please give them your love today.


Matthew Pepper
President and CEO



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