Your gift makes happy endings possible for local animals! - Michigan Humane Society

Your gift makes happy endings possible for local animals!

July 6, 2016

It’s wonderful to know local animals can count on you! Your generous support has helped so many cats and dogs here in Michigan. Adorable animals like Jenna . . .

Jenna was down and in serious pain when we found her. A concerned witness called our rescue department to the busy street after they saw her get hit by a fast-moving car. She was hurting, but still alive.

She was gently picked up and cautiously carried to the van to prevent causing her any more pain or further injury. She gave a slight tail wag as she was placed on a soft blanket in the van on her way to the shelter.

Jenna was immediately seen by one of our expert veterinarians who determined that her front leg was severely injured and beyond repair. She was given medication to ease her pain and antibiotics to prevent infection.

The delicate surgery to remove Jenna’s injured limb took some time, but her recovery took much longer. She was placed into a foster home to heal and learn how to adjust to having three legs.

That’s why your gift of is so critical — you will be helping animals like Jenna get the care and shelter they need.

Within a few months, she was up and running around without any hesitation. Her personality blossomed, and she quickly became a favorite of everyone she met. Jenna was ready to find her home!

She didn’t have to wait at the shelter very long before her perfect match walked through the door. Jenna is now safe and happy in her new home.

Isn’t it great when not-so-happy beginnings turn out to have happy endings like this? And it’s all possible thanks to your extraordinary generosity!

You make a lasting difference in the lives of countless cats, dogs and other animals in our community. Yet the need for your help grows as more animals are brought in each day. Each one needs shelter, medical attention and loving care — and the costs to provide these services continue to rise.

Read this recent update from Jenna’s family about how happy she is in her new home . . .

“We just wanted to thank all of you that took such good care of Jenna the past few months. We were honored to bring her home today! We named her Herat, (after) a city in Afghanistan where my husband and I met. We really think it was meant to be. You see, my husband suffered a gunshot wound to the very same leg while serving in combat overseas, so her story is very special to us. Our other dog Rona is also very excited to have to a new friend — they have been playing and napping together ever since we came home! Thanks to all of you for your kindness and hard work — all of these animals are lucky to have you.”

For the animals,

Matthew Pepper
President and CEO

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