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Hard-working Cats

Hire a Hard-working Kitty (or two) for your barn, warehouse or business!

November 5, 2015

Do you need a consistent, reliable pest control and prevention solution at your barn, warehouse or place of business? Protect your product, supply chain, and property from pests with a hard-working cat, such as a barn cat, warehouse cat, or a friendly store cat!


The hard-working cat. The original and best pest management solution.

Here at MHS, we often have cats available for adoption who are not comfortable or happy living inside a traditional “home.”  Some of these cats have a history of living successfully outdoors, others may be feral, and some are simply ill-suited to being house cats.


Hard-working Cats Protect Your Property:

Not only do you benefit from their terrific work ethic, but you will have the satisfaction of giving an animal a second chance! If you operate a barn or business, they can help control pests and deter other feral/wild animals from taking up residence on your property! Safely and reliably protect your barn or business from other feral animals and pests.


Caring For A Hard-working Cat is Easy (and pays big dividends)!

Their Salary Requirements Are:

  • Fresh food and water daily
  • 24/7 access to shelter from the elements (a barn, warehouse, outbuilding, shed, tack room, loft)
  • Vaccinations and vet care when needed


Preparing For Your Hard-working Cat:

We recommend you give your cat 1-2 weeks to adjust to their new place of work before setting them free. You can set up a temporary “condo” for your new cat in any quiet place, away from loud machinery, dogs or high traffic. A basic dog crate or wire cage can serve as a place for your new cat to settle in and get to know his/her surroundings.  Set-up your condo in the same room/place where the kitty will be fed and watered going forward. During the first 1-2 weeks, your cat will learn this is where he/she will have their daily needs met. After 1-2 weeks, simply open the door and walk away.   All you will need is:

  • Litterbox
  • Dry food & water daily
  • Bedding (towels, cat bed or blanket)
  • Hiding place


Are You Ready to “Hire” (Adopt)?

Sydney and Noah

Sydney and Noah
Purrrrfect Office Mates

MHS vaccinates, sterilizes, microchips and tests your new hardworking cat for feline leukemia and administers a preventive de-wormer.

Fill out our online application to be added to our waiting list. We will call you when a Hard-working Cat becomes available!

You can also download our Hard-working Cat Application in advance and visit our shelter any time during business hours to meet our available felines!



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